Lowell Phone Repair is Now Offering Micro-Soldering!

Did your smartphone, game console, or computer encounter a board issue and need sophisticated and professional micro-soldering service? Lowell Phone Repair is here for you! 

We offer logic board-level micro-soldering repairs for a variety of devices:

  • iPhones 
  • iPads
  • Xbox
  • PlayStation
  • LG
  • Sony 

Our professional repair technicians can fix FPC connectors, backlight circuits, repair traces, replace SMD components, and so much more. Their experience in board-level repairs ensures that any device you bring to us that needs logic board care will be handled with the utmost care and precision.

Expertise and Precision

Looking for the highest quality, professional board-level repairs for your cell phone, game console, and computer? Go for nothing less than expert-level care. Micro-soldering repairs require accuracy and quality materials to make sure everything works perfectly.

Our tech repair technicians ensure that every move they make is a step closer to fixing your devices, and not a step towards rendering your gadgets useless. We provide our technicians with the highest quality equipment for the task, helping them provide the best micro-soldering services in Burlington and the surrounding areas.

Want to learn more about our micro-soldering services? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Burlington store at (978) 455-0159 and we’ll be more than glad to help you out!

Mobile Device Micro-Soldering Services

Got a phone that’s suffering from flashing lines on the screen or touch errors? We know how hard it is to have a touchscreen phone that’s not responding. That’s why we offer the following services to cell phone users suffering from this common touchscreen phone problem:

  • Wires Computing
  • Micro-Soldering Repair

Our Process

To fix flashing lines and touchscreen issues, we’ll disassemble your phone and remove the motherboard to access the touch ICs that are located at the back of the logic board. Once the motherboard is out of the way, the next step would be to use hot air to carefully remove the integrated circuit.

After we remove the circuit, we’ll clean the pads with a leaded solder to remove the original unleaded solder applied by your phone’s manufacturer. When we’re sure the pads are clean and ready for a new touch IC, we’ll add some flux to help the pre-balled IC stick to the solder pads.

The new IC is then aligned to the motherboard and we protect it with a shield by soldering metal onto the housing to strengthen the area around the touch IC. This lessens the chances of your device running into the same issues in the future.

Finally, we clean and test the motherboard after we put everything back where they belong. We monitor the touch responses with a special program to re-calibrate the screen.

Once we’re sure your phone is back in mint condition, we’ll mark the repair as successful and bring your device back to you!

Need this specific service? Contact us or set up an appointment!

Other Micro-Soldering Services for Mobile Devices

Aside from our popular touch disease repair for mobile devices, we also offer the following micro-soldering services:

  • Backlight Repair
  • Audio IC Repair
  • FPC Connector Repair
  • Power Issues Repair
  • No Touch Repair
  • LVDS Connector Repair
  • Pry Damage Repair
  • USB-C Port Replacement
  • Water Damage Data Recovery

Game Console Micro-Soldering Repair

Today’s most popular game consoles require HDMI cables and ports to display the games you love to play. If the pins of these cables and ports run into any sort of issue, you’ll risk getting no display feedback from your Xbox or PlayStation to your monitor or television.

If the pins are bent in the game console or if the HDMI port is loose or only shows a white light with no video, then the HDMI port needs to be repaired. We’ll help you determine whether the issue lies on your game console port or the HDMI port itself.

For people without any knowledge in diagnosing these issues with Xbox and PlayStations, we know it’s stressful. That’s why we’re ready to help you with HDMI issues here at Lowell Phone Repair!

What causes HDMI problems?

There can be several factors that lead to the dreaded HDMI port failure. One factor is the HDMI port itself. A majority of the time it’s the port itself! Since some of them are made poorly and are poorly soldered, HDMI port failures are not uncommon. 

HDMI filters and the Panasonic IC chip are located near the HDMI port. These all work together to give you a picture on your television or monitor. However, if the board’s wiring is faulty due to manufacturing issues, you’ll likely run into an HDMI port failure in the future.

Fortunately, if there are damaged filters or a damaged IC chip, you can easily have them replaced with professional repairs from Lowell Phone Repair.

How do you know if your HDMI port is broken?

Bad HDMI ports will make the LED lights on top of the system pulse white while not showing any picture on your TV. 

If your light is a pulsing blue and not white, this is caused by another error and you should contact us first to ensure the service is available.

Need to get your HDMI port or cable checked to enjoy your gaming sessions? Get your game console repaired by us. Click here to make an appointment.

General Micro-Soldering Services

Aside from fixing cell phones and game consoles, our professional technicians are also experienced in micro-soldering devices such as:

  • Mac Mini
  • Flash Drives
  • Car Key Switch Buttons
  • SMDs

If you can’t find the device you need help with on this page, please let us know what you’re looking for at (978) 455-0159 and we’ll be more than glad to tell you more about our micro-soldering service offers!

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